Whether you're snuggling up on the sofa watching a good film, or dining al fresco on a summers evening, a super soft throw is your best friend.
Our collection features bohemian cotton weaves, oversized tassels and luxurious faux fur. 
37 results
Jewels throw in Grey
Jewels throw in Ochre
Jetta throw in Sage
Jetta throw in Brick
Jasper throw in Feather
Jasper throw in Marine
Jasper throw in Navy
Jasper throw in Ochre
Inka throw in Ochre/Grey
Boho throw in Multi-colour
Boho throw in Ochre
Boho throw in Seafoam
Motti throw in Seafoam
Motti throw in Blush
Motti throw in Grey
Motti throw in Slate Blue
Motti throw in Red Clay
Motti throw in Ochre
Weaver Throw in Teal
Sold out. More on the way.
Weaver Throw in Rust
Weaver Throw in Navy
Weaver Throw in Grey
Weaver Throw in Green
Sold out. More on the way.
Weaver Throw in Gold
Sold out. More on the way.
Tundra Throw in Ochre
Tundra Throw in Natural
Tundra Throw in Grey
Tundra Throw in Blush Pink
Romilly Throw in Navy/Natural
Romilly Throw in Natural/Ochre
Romilly Throw in Grey/Natural
Romilly Throw in Gold/Navy
Romilly Throw in Blush/Natural
Jocelyn Throw in Navy
Jocelyn Throw in Mustard
Jocelyn Throw in Grey
Jocelyn Throw in Blush Pink